Special message about 2020

2020 was an unprecedented year for billions of people. The COVID-19 pandemic brought huge challenges and changes for many people and communities globally. 

COVID-19 is a global pandemic like never seen before, impacting every country in the world, and threatening the livelihoods of billions. With populations already vulnerable to food insecurity, shortage of suitable housing and health issues, underdeveloped countries bear the brunt of these impacts.

At ADPP, getting through the pandemic was a key focus for us in 2020. In a country where over 90% of the population’s income comes from the informal sector, and where most households are over crowded with no access to water and energy, 2020 was the year where our efforts had to be intensified.

Our assistance to  many vulnerable communities, including numerous people close to us such as staff and students, reached almost 6 million people.

When we say we don’t leave anyone behind, we mean it.

As the world seemed to have stopped, we knew our message had to be stronger, bolder and persistent. As the world stayed at home, we continued to deliver vital services for the most vulnerable. We maintained access to healthcare through HIV tests, TB screening and treatments, created access to water and soap for hand washing, provided masks for prevention, re-built livelihoods after cyclones, and taught thousands of children and youths through online teaching.

For ADPP, 2020 made us stronger and more united while allowing us to restate our vision.

We also found reason for hope. New partnerships have been celebrated. New colleagues have arrived. New projects and initiatives in education, health and agriculture were started.

We are deeply thankful to all those who have helped us continue to provide support  to the most vulnerable and maintain our daily work with communities to improve lives and livelihoods.

Projects' Map

In 2020 we implemented over 60 projects across all provinces of Mozambique. Our projects benefit approximately 6 million Mozambicans each year.

650000 reached with covid-19 messages
650000 reached with covid-19 messages
650000 reached with covid-19 messages


Education programmes are focused on improving the quality of primary education and increasing professional training for young people, thereby giving them opportunities to progress with their dreams.



people reached with TB
preventive messages[pt]pessoas alcançadas com
mensagens de prevenção da TB
Mosquito nets
people received counselling
and testing in HIV/AIDS

ADPP reaches out to more than 1,7 million people through its health projects with awareness raising, capacity building and service deliveries at the forefront of its activities.


Sustainable Agriculture & ENVIRONMENT

Small-scale farmers play a central role in feeding millions of people across Mozambique and ensuring food security, resilience, and progress for the great majority of our nation.

families reached in agricultural
and livelihood programmes
cashew growers trained in
improved growth of cashew
and organised sales
fishermen and women in
Tete province were supported
farmers in Sofala province
benefi ted from a recovery
facility program
demo-attachment-350-Ellipse_18 demo-attachment-3043-Ellipse-18


When emergencies strike, ADPP Mozambique, with its country wide presence, is often among the first responders and works closely with affected communities, government and other agencies to provide assistance for short term relief and long-term recovery.

650000 reached with covid-19 messages
650000 reached with covid-19 messages
650000 reached with covid-19 messages


The second-hand clothes supply chain has been proven to create and support jobs and provide an important source of quality clothing which may not otherwise be available due to high costs.



In 2020, ADPP Mozambique invested US 27,385,974 USD in education, health and agriculture projects in Mozambique.

Our main source of funding has been from partnerships, where ADPP Mozambique concludes agreements with the Mozambican government, other governments, foundations, companies, organisations and multilateral and global funding mechanisms for specific programmes, projects and activities.

Programmes and projects implemented by ADPP Mozambique are also financed with funds generated by “ADPP Second-hand”. ADPP’s objective through the sale of second-hand clothing is to create and maintain stability in its economy, enabling it to invest in new developmental programmes, establishing new partnerships and when needed contribute with co-financing of programmes and projects.

ADPP Mozambique has policies, guidelines and internal controls that live up to international best practice to ensure that funds received and generated are spent for their intended purpose only.

As a Mozambican Non-Governmental Organisation, ADPP follows Mozambican generally accepted standards for policies and procedures, risk assessments and internal best practices.

Accounting is in accordance with Mozambican laws and International Auditing Standards.

Use of funds received from international and local partners as well as funds generated from second-hand clothes sales are audited by internationally reputed audit firms, following international auditing standards.

Note: The accounts for the financial year 2020 here represented are preliminary

ADPP Mozambique received the SGS NGO Benchmarking Certification in 2020 (No: 198/NGO/02.12.2020) via an external audit as proof of its conformity and compliance with best practices in governance, measured against the SGS NGO Benchmarking Standards.

ADPP Mozambique is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by members at the General Assembly, which is the highest authority of the association. ADPP Mozambique has policies, guidelines and internal controls in line with international standards, to ensure that funds received are spent only for the purpose intended.